Oleg Leveton

Proprietor of Oleg's Trading Post


A middle-aged man whose close-cropped red hair is prematurely greying. Long sideburns reach almost to his exceptionally wide chin and frame a rugged, well-worn face. Faint scars decorate either side of his large hooked nose, visible mostly because of how deep his tan is. He stands about six feet tall and wears simple work clothes, the sort favored by those who prefer durability over comfort, style, or anything else.


The proprietor of Oleg’s Trading Post, Oleg was chartered by the Swordlords of Restov to occupy an old abandoned border fort several years ago, and moved here with his wife, Svetlana. He runs the actual trading post, manages the stable, and spends much of his spare time maintaining the large fort and replacing the ancient, rotting timbers that date back to before he moved in.

Oleg Leveton

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