Svetlana Leveton

Co-proprietor of Oleg's Trading Post


A young woman with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail and then tucked under a scarlet kerchief. Her fair skin and deep blue eyes speak to a strong Ulfen ancestry, though her face is somewhat more rounded and cheerful than normal for the northerners. Five and a half feet tall and rather slender, Svetlana favors bright colors in her clothing, wearing wool garments dyed red, green, and yellow, with an apron worn over the top whenever she’s cooking or cleaning.


Svetlana moved to this old abandoned fort on the Brevic border less than a month after marrying her husband, Oleg. A city girl from Restov, she still hasn’t quite adjusted to the loneliness of life on the frontier, nor the difficulty in obtaining the simple comforts of life which she had hoped her marriage would afford her. Yet she’s grown to love Oleg in spite of their decade age gap, the difficulties of life on the border, and even the recent bandit activity. She fears more that Oleg might attempt something foolish enough that he would be forever lost to her than any hardship endured because of the theft of furs.

Svetlana Leveton

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